The Reason For My Absence, Revealed!

Hello all!

I know I have been absent from here for a long time and you may be wondering where I have gone. I have been impatiently waiting for the right time to tell you about the latest development in my life.

photo(1)My simply amazing boyfriend and I are having a baby!

This news came as a complete shock to us, especially considering my long-term battle with PCOS. After 4 at-home tests and confirmation from my doctor, the shock turned into reality and the excitement -along with the baby- began to grow quickly!

That being said, developing recipes, writing about food, eating food, LOOKING at food was impossible for me during my first trimester so instead of lowering the quality of my posts, I made the decision to take a break until my disdain for food passed. It has been so hard not explaining this absence, especially since I’m typically so candid with you about my life, not to mention my excitement in sharing that the hard work of changing my life and maintaining my health truly changed my body and made it function better than I ever dreamed it would!

I could go into my story for you but, truth be told, all I feel the need to say is,  never give up. Believe in the power of your body. Don’t believe everything you read (especially the negative stuff.) Every body is different and every situation is different and I am proof of that. I thought it would be so difficult for me to get pregnant -if I ever did- but here I am. I got pregnant at an abnormal time in my cycle and when my hormones were out of whack again. Every single day I view this baby as a miracle, touch my growing belly and let this baby know how thankful I am that it chose me to be it’s mother. The days ahead are going to be one of the greatest experiences of our lives!

Starting in February, I will be off work for quite a while. I plan on taking that time to get back into my cooking (including developing my own baby food recipes) and writing. There are so many possibilities where this new journey can take my creative mind and I  look forward to sharing them all with you. But don’t worry, this site won’t turn into an “All About Babies” site. You will still get your favorite recipes and tips for traveling adults 🙂

Since I won’t be flying, I may be reaching out to you for some inspiration in the travel department. I plan on doing a few Facebook contests for you to share what’s in your lunch bag, your creative tips and favorite recipes so be ready!

As Always,
Here’s to Life, LOVE, Health and Happiness. Cheers!

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  • Laura  says:

    Wow!!! Congratulations!! What an amazing miracle. Can’t wait to hear more about it all!

  • Kim  says:

    Congratulations Jackie! So excited and happy for you! Keep us all posted! Xoxo, Love Kim 🙂

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